Types of Simple Electric Repair You Can Do At Home

electric repair

When other countries may be flexible when it comes to home maintenance, it is different in Australia. It is stated in the government law, under section 18 Electrical Safety Act, that a person with an electrician license can only be allowed to perform electrical maintenance. Even at home, DIY electric repair is strictly prohibited. This law prevents electrical related home accidents such as overloading which leads to property damage, electrocution that could lead to death, and illegal repairs from non-expert can worsen the situation, in which results to an explosion of devices that leads to fire. Electrical accidents can affect not only your entire electricity power line, but also the neighbours’ and nearby establishments’.

Simple types of home electrical reparations to do at home:

Change burned out light bulbs

The task may be simple, and you can even change light bulbs without turning off the power source; make sure that the switch that controls the light outlet is turned off. Otherwise, it will create an unwanted power surge that can cause the new light bulb to burst and it also causes minor shocks and electrocution.

Installing battery-operated fire alarms and detectors

If you haven’t done this before, then now is probably a good time to try it. Fire alarms and detectors are essential for our homes because they provide us with a warning signal and help us to detect which part of the house is in danger. We are also able to apply preventive measures to stop the early stages of fire to avoid it from spreading. When installing smoke alarms and detectors, one must abide by the Australian Building Code to ensure the quality and effectiveness of alarm devices. Upon installation, one must conduct a test run to confirm that the device is working correctly.

Installing pond filter and air pumps

Some of the best features found in the garden landscape are water fountains and fish ponds. They provide humidity, improve garden and plant life, They help minimise noise and relieve stress. Water filter and air pumps maintain the sustainability of the fish pond’s life. You can buy these devices at your local home depot, or you can build one. You are also allowed to install it since it is considered as a simple electrical task.

Rewire outmoded fuses

Old houses are prone to electrical fuse blow up because aside from the fact that fuses wear out over time, their ceramic material can also be a reason why they eventually burn out. To change burned up fuse, one must turn off all home appliances and devices, then turn off the power supply box as well. It is crucial that switchboards are turned off to avoid electric shocks. Use the correct fuse intended for the fuse box; installing the wrong ones can cause major electrical accidents.

If you are not sure whether you are doing the right job, please ask advice from an electrician. Dealing with electrical matters is a serious and life-threatening task, so always be cautious with your surroundings, and gear up properly. For electrical checkups and wire maintenance services, hire our master electrician now!

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