Things To Do When The Power Goes Out

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What are you going to do if the power goes out in your home?

Sometimes, power outage happens at unexpected times, be it during intense storms, in a hot summer, or out of nowhere. In these times where you are caught off guard, flashlights, and lighted candles are your buddies. Outages in the daytime may be easy, but those that occur during nighttime may be difficult to deal with.

It is a great idea to keep a flashlight and extra batteries as well as candles and matches on hand. What else is there to do during unexpected power outages?


To determine if the power outage is due to a local interruption or faults in your electrical system, reach out to a 24 hour electrician for an electrical inspection. Here are the possibilities for why your lights went off.

In the electric panel, a fuse might have blown, the breaker was tripped, or one or more switches were turned off.

Check if the power is out at your neighbours’ house. Know that houses served by the same pole-mounted power transformer will share power outage. Call the utility company, and report the disruption in your local area.


Turn off appliances. During power outages, it is advisable that you turn off your appliances. Not only will this protect your appliances from power surges that may cause permanent damage, but also ensure that you’ve turned off all that were in use before the outage occurred.

Stay cool as your house heats up. If the weather is hot and the power has not yet been restored, do things that will help you stay cool such as drinking plenty of water, dressing in light and loose clothing, and opening the windows slightly to let the breeze in.

Safety first. As tempting as it is, do not fall to the idea of running extension cords to your neighbour whose home has power. Remember that this is a fire hazard.

In events of power outages, immediately call your local utility company or a 24 hour electrician.

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