Tests to Do in Finding Electrical Faults

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With the help of a 24 hour electrician, what are the tests that can be done to find electrical faults?

Due to lack of knowledge, many homeowners are oblivious to the electrical faults that need to be attended regularly in order to prevent accidents at home. Such includes the earth leakage switch which should be repeatedly tested just to make sure that the system is properly working, and that the home electrical supply and the distribution board are functioning well. If a home is an old one, this task is crucial.

 What should be done first?

Locate where the main distribution board is and take a look at it. Identify the earth leakage switch and then notice the instruction that says to test regularly as labelled on it.

Why do the testing?

To ensure that the switch is functioning satisfactorily, testing is done by tripping the main switch which is the circuit breaker that is on the distribution board.

How is the testing done?

Before anything else, switch off all appliances and then have the test during the daytime. Then find the “test” button on the earth leakage switch and press it. Once done, it will automatically switch off the electrical supply similar to when an earth leakage fault progresses. If ever the device does not cut off the supply of electricity, immediately call a qualified 24 hour electrician.

Is it necessary to look at the distribution board?

Homeowners should have a comprehensive understanding regarding their distribution board. It can be observed that on the main board are individual switches for the plugs, stove, plugs, lights, and geyser, as well as switches for larger appliances including a home security system, and a pool heater, and outdoor power points and lights.

What causes switches to trip?

The most common fault that causes switches to trip is overloaded power outlet or plug point. Be informed that the circuit breaker trips in order to prevent circuit overheating. The following are other faults that trip switches:

  • when there is an existing faulty appliance
  • when there’s a short circuit caused by a wire in contact with another wire
  • When moisture touches outdoor power points or plug

As soon as there are suspected faults in the wiring in the home, seek help from a qualified electrician.

If failed at finding the root problem, refer to the following indicators needed to do in finding faults in the home electrical supply:

  • Unplug all home appliances.
  • Reset the circuit breaker located at the main distribution board by switching it off and on. If tripped, switch it on again.
  • No appliances that were switched on but still the switch tripped, check out the house wiring. The tripping may be rooted at an individual plug point or in the circuit breaker panel.

If the fault finding still ends failed, call a 24 hour electrician. Or should you have concerns regarding this topic, comment them down below.

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