Smart Meter Movement

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In an annual basis, a typical Australian household in Gold Coast spends about an average of AUD 1,600 - 1,800 for the electricity bill. In some cases, broken cable wires or broken appliances could lead to a large amount of electricity consumption, which in turn leads to a higher amount of bills. If you are having issues regarding your electricity bill, and if you feel like the energy consumption displayed in the meter data does not add up to the number and kind of appliances used in your home, there may be issues with your power line. Call your trusted Master Electrician Gold Coast to have an overall maintenance check on your electrical wirings to avoid bills more than your budget and to secure the safety of your home.


What is a Smart Meter and why is it essential to have one in our homes?

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, there are about 3.3million smart meters installed, and it is only a quarter of the total smart meters distributed worldwide. A smart meter is an advanced electricity meter and is a type 4 of the old accumulated meters. Using your home’s Wi-Fi connections, a smart meter sends a detailed hourly report of electricity consumption in your home to your mobile phone smart meter app or your registered account online. Only a representative from your electricity provider can install a smart meter.

Homeowners across the country installed smart meters in their home, but some are hesitant to get them because of the negative outcome of Smart Meters that they have experienced or by the feedback of others who have used the product:


- Unconsented access to collected data in homes

Protests about a breach in consumer’s privacy by taking advantage of the real-time tracking sent by smart meters, therefore, monitoring the movement of consumers inside their homes. But smart users give you an option whether to submit details on your power provider, so that resolves the issue of a privacy breach. And for assurance, the government only allows distributors to share your personal information, only with your consent.


- Misreading and miscalculations of the input data

An incident about smart meter rollouts was recorded in Victoria in 2006. Consumers were complaining about higher electricity bill during peak hours, which resulted in them doubting the digital methods of kilowatt computations.


- Health Problems caused by Radiofrequency Radiation

Though a recent study shows that there are no recognised evidence that the RF Radiation causes health risks, anti-smart meter organisations, states that their refusal of smart meter installation is a movement of “fighting for their health, privacy and safety".


Nowadays, most of the prices on all types of products have gone up, and it has become a hard task to budget household bills, which is why it is vital for homeowners to know ways to save electric energy consumption at home. Contact us now at for home electrical checkups.


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