Signs That Tell You To Immediately Call an Electrician

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Not all of us have the proper knowledge in dealing with electrical works at our homes or at offices. Some attempt to solve electrical issues on their own but end up with bigger problems. Inexperienced individuals that decide to have a go at repairing an electrical problem can either make or break the whole mains circuit, which most of the time fail if not properly handled and result to even serious electrical accidents.

Know that there are various inspections that you can try before calling for electrical services, but if things have gotten worse like these following signs, then you have to immediately call for an electrician Gold Coast.

Flickering Lights

Usually what causes lights to flicker is not the presence of a ghoul but an existing problem with your appliances that is drawing too much current. What can solve this electrical issue is moving the appliance to a dedicated circuit. And if the flickering still happens that even your neighborhood can’t provide an explanation, probably it’s time to call for some professional help.

Shocking Switch

Have you experienced getting shocked by a balloon? As adults, we tend to just brush the shock off. How about a small shock from an existing switch in your home? Well, bet you’re not accustomed to that. This just means that you are probably having a bigger problem. Check if your switches and electrical outlets are also warm to touch, then that’s when you have to get advice from an electrical expert.

Blowing Fuses

When a fuse blows up, sometimes it is caused by a power surge. There’s nothing to be concerned if it just happened once, but if not, like day in and day out, then you have a big problem. There are two things that can be considered as the root of this problem. One is that your circuits may be carrying a higher volume of electrical currents than what they safely can. And second is that there may be a dangerous fault on one or more of your circuits. Immediately call an electrician Gold Coast to confirm this electrical issue.


If you see rust near any of your electrical sockets or outlets at your home or office, you are probably at risk. Presence of rust means that there is water nearby which can be dangerous when in contact with electrical equipment. So before the problem gets even bigger, find an electrician.

Do your lights flicker? A switch just shocked you? A fuse just blew up? Seeing rust near your electrical outlets? Then you might be in need of an electrician Gold Coast! Contact ChrisElec to Find an Electrician today! Let us fix the problem for you!

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