When Is The Perfect Time to Get Your Electric Wirings On Repair?

electric repair

Just like any other material, electrical wires are susceptible to damage. When in low quality, the most common electrical wires used is made up of copper and aluminium. But copper and aluminium wires can be made durable depending on its design--braided copper wires are one of the examples. Braided copper wires are either tubular or flat and are mostly heavier than regular wires. The best quality of electric wire is made up of gold. Although gold electrical wires are quite expensive, it is more resilient to damages and is the best conduit of electricity.


Electric wire installation is a tedious task and you cannot just install it by yourself without proper knowledge and consultation from specialists. Faulty and bad wiring is one of the many reasons why it has become a common factor of accidents in homes.


To avoid further damage and accidents, here are some of the warning signs why you should immediately call your trusted electrician for electric repair:


Fluctuation – aside from the fact that light bulbs are disposable, another reason why light fluctuates is that the wirings may be faulty or damaged. This damage is usually caused by poor design and lack of proper strategic positioning of the electric wires that causes the wires to be exposed in the harsh weather and heat, which, in turn, weakens the wires. Pest infestations could also be another reason.


Discolouration or burning of the electrical outlets – when outlets appear to be off-colour or maybe even showing signs of smelling like smoke, then your electric wires are burning. Burning is a result of a damaged electric wire. And if left unaided, it may cause serious problems such as a cause of fire and explosion.


Electric Bill – Electric bill consumption is higher than usual despite the lack of use frequently means that the electric wires may be old and in need of replacement.


Explosion – when there are too many appliances/devices attached to a single electric circuit line, then it would likely result in an explosion. The term is called overloading, where the electric supply cannot support the number of loads.


According to ESFI.Org, home electrical fires account for an estimated 51,000 fires each year, nearly than 500 deaths, more than 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion in property damage. So if you notice any of these signs, it is better that you seek help from an electrical specialist before it’s too late. Contact us at  https://chriselec.com.au/services/

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