Payment Plans

Payment Plans To Suit Your Specific Needs

How to pay using Chris Elec Pay Plan?

Open camera , point your device at QR code, enter your details. Done!

Do you charge late fees?

There are no late fees but if you miss a payment a dishonour fee may be payable.

Is there an invoice amount limit?

Chris Elec Pay Plan can only be used for invoices between $100 and $25,000.

What services can I use this for?

Chris Elec Pay Plan can be offered if you’re accessing home owner services.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

If a card is lost or stolen, your account needs to be updated with an alternative card.

Can I set up weekly or fortnightly instalments?

Our system is set up for monthly payments as this allows you the maximum cash flow benefit.

Can I pay out early?

Yes, you are issued with credentials for a self-service client portal when your payment plan was approved so you can use that to pay out early.

Can the repayment date be changed?

You can contact us to defer a payment and a fee may apply for doing so.

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