Master Electrician Guide: Swimming Pool Safety

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We consider our home as a safe place, and it is our go-to place to escape from all the hectic activities from the outside world. It brings us a peaceful feeling when we know that each member of our family is at home. But as much as it brings us joy, it also brings us unexpected mishaps, from a tiny incident of literally bumping into each other to significant catastrophes that can lead to fatality. Yes, you heard it right. Any place is considered as dangerous if you are not cautious, even in our homes.

Houses are meticulously designed by abiding the Building Standards and Codes provided by the Australian government, from the foundation design up to the purlins in roof framing. And they also include the essential interior details such as the plumbing and electrical system.

As a common knowledge, the plumbing and electrical systems should have opposing connection location due to the significant disaster it would cause if it intervenes with one another. But there are parts in our home that are water-supplied areas but also need electricity supply, and they are found in our backyard.

Before proceeding with the construction of your swimming pool, for instance, a proper electrical system should be planned. Hiring a master electrician Gold Coast is a must! An electrician is a licensed technician who is an expert in handling, managing, and installing the electrical system and anything regarding electricity matters. Home electrical installation should only be done by a licensed electrician to avoid accidents caused by the wrong procedure or incorrect application of electric methods. And if the swimming pool has been previously built, let the electrician examine the electrical system to ensure that your family is safe from electric shocks.

Electrical system inspections usually include checking for loose pump and filter outlets, damaged wires, and electrical wirings that surround the area, testing of equipment switches, and checking submersible pumps if they are following the standard of 12 volts. Inspections also come with safely tracing power sockets and testing and checking outdoor lighting.

But in spite of the high-quality service of an electrician and the application of excellent electrical materials used, as an adult, we should also do our part in providing a secure environment for our family. Here are important rules to follow in swimming pool maintenance and safety:

-        Secure the pool area by prohibiting electrical appliances, and cord extensions nearby.

-        Avoid letting technicians install overheard cable wires near or above the swimming pool area.

-        Check underwater lights for cracks or broken protective seals.

-        Underground wire systems should be at least five feet away from the pool area.

-        Regular pool maintenance and inspection are a must.

-        And most importantly, never leave children in the pool without adult supervision.

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