Master Electrician Tips in Preparing for Calamities

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Calamities are a natural occurrence. Aside from the other unpredictable disasters, Australia experience about five natural disasters caused by weather like floods, storms, drought, extreme temperatures, and sometimes wildfires. Flood and storm are natural calamities on specific areas in the Gold Coast.

What are the proper things do when a catastrophe such as a flood is about to happen? Are houses equipped to deal with such incidents? How will it affect homeowners?

During catastrophes, electric power lines and other electric powered cables are automatically cut off by the provider for safety reasons, but it doesn’t mean that it is entirely safe. Some electrical source outlet could still contain pent up electricity charges that can cause significant accidents if one is not cautious.

A typical electrical wire in a cable system is shockproof and designed to withstand pressure from calamities. Single electrical wiring is layered with a rubber coat that resists water absorption, especially during flood season.

Aside from damaged wire coatings, the leading cause of an accident that relates to electricity and other electrical malfunctions on the exposed wire system is the vulnerability of the wire connections. One of the reasons why the government prohibits illegal connections done by nonprofessionals is the quality of the service. To ensure that all systems are reliable, let a professional handle home maintenance.

Tips in Preparing for Calamities:

- Tune in to the local radio station for news updates and information about the weather.

- Always have a regular home repair and maintenance schedule to examine any damages in electrical, water, and drainage system in your home.

- When in doubt about the stability of the electrical system, always let a master electrician Gold Coast do electrical maintenance. It is still advisable to have annual checkups to maintain the security of home systems and for preparations regarding natural disasters.

- If flood water is expected, turn off the power system, unplug and bring electrical devices to higher grounds.

- If the government has not signalled an evacuation from your location, stay in your home. Families should establish a specific part of the house to be a “safe place” during emergencies. One should also have immediate access to emergency kits in case of accidental injuries.

- If on a ride or commuting during a storm surge, park the car on higher areas away from trees, or electric poles to avoid an accident.

- Cut tree branches near overhead electrical wires and posts. It may pose a risk during stormy and windy weathers.

The forces of nature are unstoppable. But we could, however, decrease the risks of accidents and damages that natural disasters bring. For electrical service and maintenance, talk to our representatives now.

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