Why You Should Leave the Electrical Work to an Electrician

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When dealing with electrical work, what are the reasons why you should leave the job to an electrician Australia?

Before you conclude that doing electrical work on your own can save money, ask yourself if it is worth risking your life? Not only such breaks the law but could also jeopardise your insurance.

Let’s say you know what you are doing, but think of the probable outcomes that may happen. Handling electrical work by yourself is menacing, illegal, and can be deadly.

Electrical Safety Act 2002

As contained under section 18 of the Electrical Safety Act 2002, electrical work includes the installation, manufacture, testing, construction, removal, repairing, alteration, and replacement of electrical equipment.

Tasks such as relocating power points, replacing a damaged plug or a light fitting, repairing a malfunctioning heater, etc. are covered in the Act. While purchasing electrical appliances or accessories are not prohibited by the law, the installation should be done by a licensed electrician Australia.

What happens if you do the electrical work by yourself?

Unlicensed and do-it-yourself electrical work is not only illegal but also dangerous for you and for anyone who comes near the electrical or installation equipment. Since some electrical faults are latent in nature, the danger may not manifest immediately but will become evident or develop over time in the occurrence of a faulty wiring or any risky situation.

Furthermore, major property damage may also result from an electrical fire, a risk which can cost a considerable amount and affect emotional and social aspects. The insurer may also refuse your claim if they found out that the disaster was a result of illegal electrical work.


The only person that is authorised to perform electrical work is an electrician Australia who has an electrical work licence. It is a requirement for licensed electrical workers to conduct electrical work corresponding with the legislative requirements and codes of technical and practice standards. Concerning businesses that offer electrical services for others, they are required to have an electrical contractor licence.

There’s nothing wrong with being confident in doing things yourself. However, confidence can’t save from any fatalities that may occur especially in doing works that involve electricity. It is best to leave the job to an electrician Australia who is professionally trained in dealing with electrical work.

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