In Case of a Fuse Box Explosion

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When building new houses, it is obligatory for homeowners to contact a master electrician Gold Coast. Considering the fact that it is in their line of expertise, do it yourself (DYI) electrical installation is prohibited by the Australian government. Master electricians provide the facility of safe electrical wirings and estimate what kind of electrical loads that a specific building needs. Circuit breakers are essential in one’s home because it prevents household accidents and provides safety for your home and your neighbours from an appliance or fuse box explosion, and other in-home accidents caused by misuse of electricity. There are two common reasons why fuse boxes explode.


The amount of voltage allowed in a specific type of room varies upon the purpose of the room and the types of equipment and appliances that will be present in that area. If too much electricity is consumed than its usual load, then there is a considerable possibility that fuse boxes will blow.

Short Circuit

When the electricity conductor, such as wires, have low quality, it will likely carry an excess quantity of electricity in just a short period, which in turn can bring an electrical surge that causes the receiving end to spark.

The main reason why a circuit breaker is essential in our home and any building is that it is designed to ensure that there are no further damages caused by an explosion of fuse boxes and other electrical issues. Circuit breakers have switches (switch gears) that go off automatically, therefore, stopping the flow of electricity, when an electric level reaches its limit or when electrical disturbances occur.

There are two types of circuit breakers available. One is thermal and the other one is magnetic. Thermal circuit breakers stop the supply of electricity in small and long over-currents, while magnetic circuit breakers stop electricity flow when a fast and large over-current occurs.

What to do to avoid overloading and short circuits

The first thing is to make sure that you hire the best master electrician Gold Coast. Second, the materials used in electrical wiring installations should be of excellent quality. Third, follow the guidelines provided by expert electricians in terms of electricity usage. Fourth, avoid adding extension wires, especially if it is meant for heavy equipment, without asking for advice from electrical experts. And lastly, always check the conditions of the living wires at home.

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