Electrical Issues That Require Immediate Repairs

electric repair

There are electrical issues that require urgent solutions to prevent more dangerous situations from happening. Knowing the symptoms can help in making the proper electric repair. At the same time, you will be able to troubleshoot some of the problems, but always observe caution when working with electricity.

Most electrical problems need immediate diagnosis and repair from professional electricians, and here are some of them.

Odd smell

For the first few times of usage, some appliances that are new may produce an odour that is somewhat off if powered up. But as soon as you detect an odd smell from an outlet, turn it off and unplug immediately. Don’t attempt to use it again until you have contacted a qualified electrician for inspection.

If the source of the problem is in the breaker panel or fuse box, call an electrician.


If there are sparks from your fuse box, outlet, or the breaker panel, the electrical problem needs to be addressed right away to prevent the risk of fire.


Switches and outlets should not be producing sounds. If there are buzzing, crackling, or sizzling sounds coming from your home’s appliances, switches, and outlets, turn the electricity off especially in the affected room. Then call your trusted electrician as soon as possible.

Warm to the touch

If you observe that the light switches and outlets are warm to the touch, it serves as a warning for you to call for a licensed electrician. Ask for an inspection to determine if your home wiring needs electric repair or if you should replace them with new switches and outlets.

Lights flickering

One of the indications of power surges includes flickering lights. These surges are caused by appliances making charges on the electrical system that it can’t handle, causing an uneven share of electricity. A solution to this would be to upgrade your wiring or ask for advice from an electrician.

Hot fixtures

It is best to regularly check your ceiling fixtures to know if they are too hot or not. There are fixtures that are not insulated and bulbs that have extremely high wattages. If they are not handled carefully, both can turn into fire hazards. What you can do is replace the bulbs with LED or fluorescent lights that use less energy and produce less heat.

If you observe one or more of the electrical issues mentioned above, you are in need of immediate electric repair. Contact a licensed electrician as soon as possible.

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