Electrical Issues in Remodelling that Need Electrician Assistance

24 hour electrician


Why you need a 24 hour electrician when electrical issues arise during remodelling?

There are a lot of things that need to be considered when initiating a remodelling work for older homes. This includes electrical installations that can become faulty when mishandled. This is where the need for 24/7 electrician comes in. Here are some of the common electrical issues that they deal with during remodelling.


Keep in mind that each wire function as either neutral, ground, or live current, and that they should be connected properly. To avoid the occurrence of short circuit, a cable connector must be utilised so that the cable sheath won’t be damaged by the metal.

Attached electrical boxes

In order to avoid code violations such as adding panelling to wall surfaces, utilise extension rings. Since there’s a high possibility that later, there will be new electrical outlets that will be installed, extenders or shimming plates can be used that are placed in the box.

Light fitting

When you are to replace light fitting, especially in cases of older homes, make sure there’s a grounding conductor. You are required to have a metal fixture installed or a GFCI protection on the circuit. Look for a 24 hour electrician for assistance.

Wiring protection

For cables that are unprotected and exposed to the public and jarring weather conditions, they are prone to get damaged. The reason why they should be covered using electrical tapes and any other methods that are approved by the National Electrical Code.

Wire replacement

Note that you can’t make use of a three-wire receptacle to replace a two-wire receptacle but there is an exception. The latter can be converted to a GFCI receptacle. Just make sure that you are able to follow the recommendations provided in the electrical code as well as the principles in proper grounding.

Wirings are unsecured

In some cases where the staples are way too tight just to secure the wires to the beams, they can be damaged if attached incorrectly. To prevent this from occurring, run the wirings using cable trays or conduits.

Size of wiring

Overheat can result from utilising improper wiring or when the circuit is loaded with outlets and light receptacles in excess of what it was designed for. It is best to avoid adding more amps to a circuit, and instead, add another circuit to the panel board. You can also try to check the breaker by analysing amp requirements.

Length of wiring

With regards to how much wirings can be stripped, the standards recommend at least six inches to facilitate control of the outlet box. For too much stripping of the wire can result to sparks once hot conducts make contact with each other. On the other hand, voltage drops may occur if the wire runs too long. This causes the wire to underperform, carrying less current that it was built for.

Dealing with these electrical issues can become dangerous to inexperienced individuals. So whenever you’ve decided to make a remodeling work to your property, it is best to ask for assistance from a 24 hour electrician.

If you think we forgot some other electrical issues which are also common during remodelling, comment down below.

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