Responsibilities and Duties of Maintenance Electrician

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What are the skills should maintenance electrician Gold Coast possess to deliver their responsibilities?

When it comes to diagnoses and repair issues concerning electrical equipment and the electricity itself, maintenance electricians are the ones responsible in finding where the issue rooted from with the use of diagnostic tools and then fix them with power hand tools.

But really, what are their duties and responsibilities?

Any tasks related to the electrical components of machinery and equipment are what maintenance electricians deal with. The following are the tasks just to name a few.

Inspect and Test

Using diagnostic tools, maintenance electricians inspect and test all equipment and machinery which can vary depending on the workplace, but the diagnostic process remains still.


Upon getting results, maintenance electrician Gold Coast is responsible for the analysation to finding irregularities and then document these said irregularities in a maintenance log. They are also tasked with ensuring that all other members of the maintenance team stick to the procedure of the documentation.


Whenever there are electrical malfunctions, maintenance electrician is accountable for finding the root cause of such malfunctions and then have them repaired.

Develop and Implement

With a preventative maintenance plan, electrical malfunctions can be avoided. Such plan, which involves the creation of a maintenance procedure and a logbook for each of equipment and machinery piece, are developed by maintenance electricians and then have it maintained.

Install and Repair

Installing and repairing wiring and cables require manual dexterity and the use of power hand tools are necessary. Maintenance electricians are hired for their expertise on specific electrical system and are capable of dealing with them even in the extremes of details.

What are the skills maintenance electrician Gold Coast should possess?

Given that the jobs of maintenance electricians require mental agility, they should be able to analyse pertinent electrical systems and then utilise deductive reasoning to resolve malfunctions in the system. The skills they should possess include attention to detail, analytical skills to analyse test results and find out potential malfunctions, critical thinking skills to come up with solutions to problems, dexterity with power hand tools, and verbal and written communication skills.

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