Common Electrical Problems in Homes and Their Solutions

electrical solutions

Electrical problems can be dangerous for you, your house, and your electrical appliances. Whether it is an outage, power surge, or flickering lights, the first step to solving one is to ask your neighbours if they are experiencing the same problem. If they are, you can resolve the situation by contacting the power company. And if it’s only you who’s having the electrical problem, it may take some operative work to find the root of the problem.

Here are some of the most common problems and their corresponding electrical solutions.

Dead lights and outlets

Usually, outlets that display discolourations are already worn out and possibly dead. And since they can no longer hold plugs, you have to replace them. In some cases, they stop working for no obvious reason, which makes it hard to identify the source of the problem.

Also, there are some lights that go out. Often, the culprit to this is a tripped ground-fault circuit interrupter outlet or GFCI on the circuit located outdoors, in the laundry room, and other parts of the house. Once a GFCI trips, it stops working and cuts the power to any circuits connected to the load terminals. The GFCI may not be easy to find, but in order to restore power to other outlets, it should be reset.

Flickering lights

If there are flickering lights, it means that electrical connections are poor. To trace the source of the problem, note the connection of the flickering lights. And if found that all of the lights in the house flicker, then your panel or Weatherhead, where utility line drops, have a bad connection.

If the flickering only happens in a single room, the only problem may be a loose switch connection, which can be fixed easily. You should check the connections in all outlets in the room as well, as some may be wired to the circuit. And if you are unsure about what to do, call a licensed electrician to solve the problem.

Power surges

This electrical problem can hurt your sensitive electronic equipment, But why do power surges happen?

Surges happen when power companies make changes to the main grid or when you unplug an appliance that uses a lot of power. One of the electrical solutions to protect your equipment from power surges is to hire an experienced electrician to install a surge suppressor and plug-in suppressors.

Know that in every electrical problem, there will always be ways to resolve them. Some may be easy to deal with on your own, but you must know when it’s time to seek the expertise of a licensed electrician.

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