Common Cause of Power Surges

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Power surges can happen anywhere, especially at home and in the office. These surges happen when any of the wirings experience short jolts of high electric voltage. It’s essential to contact your master electrician when dealing with power surges to prevent further damage. Even electronics or appliances that are turned off are prone to surges as it can flicker or make buzzing sounds during such situations.

Here are the most common causes of power surges.

Lightning Strikes

One lightning strike near your house can add millions of volts to your electrical voltage. This is why your computer, lamp or cable box are mostly damaged during a power surge that is caused by lightning strikes. However, a surge protector can prevent your equipment from damage during a power surge.

Exposed or Damaged Wiring

Another cause of power surge is damaged or exposed wiring as the electricity will not flow normally when your wiring is unprotected. Once a wire is damaged, you can smell smoke as the wires can burn and melt due to the unusual flow of electric. You can fix the wirings yourself or contact a professional electrician to fix it for you.

Overloaded Circuits or Outlets

This is the common cause of power surges as people forget the basics of electricity rules. It’s not advisable to plug too many appliances in the same socket as it can cause surges or worse, electrical fires.

High Energy Electrical Devices

Refrigerators, air conditioners, or elevators are some high powered machines or appliances that can cause energy surges and spikes. When these produce a large amount of electricity, they overpower other electronics in its path that cause an abnormal flow of electric current.

When you experience power surges, it’s important to contact you master electrician first before doing something on your own. They can investigate and fix the damages safely that was caused by power surges.