Child-Proofing Your Home from Accidents

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Children from toddler to early childhood are considered as the most hyperactive and curious at this stage of their life. During this time, kids are beginning to enjoy their freedom to explore and to do anything they please. Their brain is like a sponge that needs to be filled with knowledge, which is why it is crucial that children should be under surveillance at all times. But do we have the time to watch our kids at all times? We love our kids, and in spite of wanting to spend our days with them, adulthood responsibilities are impending. So, how do we know if our kids are safe when we leave them at home?

Creating a kid-safe zone for our homes should come as a priority when starting to raise a family. And when moving to a new home, we should have time allocated to secure our homes from everything that could be a possible threat to our child’s life. Although there is no guarantee of a completely kid-safe house, we could at least reduce the number of risk of accidents.

Sources of Electricity

Always check the electricity sources in your home. Inspect wirings and outlets to see if it is loose or defective. Check outlets that are close to water sources such as in the bathroom and kitchen. Attach safety plug enclosures on unused outlets. Secure extension wires and keep them from children’s reach. If you’re not an expert on electricity matters, consult a master electrician Gold Coast for certified home electricity examinations.

Laundry Area

House cleaning solutions are dangerous when coming into contact with humans. Always handle these things cautiously because cleaning solutions are prone to child ingestion, which will cause stomach pains, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and even death. Keep house cleaning tools and solutions inside a secure and locked cabinet away from children’s access. If accidents like these happen, call the emergency hotline immediately.

Bathroom and Wet Areas

Water to electricity is extremely prohibited when it comes to the interaction of both can cause fatality. It is common knowledge that electricity when in contact with water can cause electrocution, but children don’t have that knowledge yet. It is crucial at an early age that we teach them the hazards electricity carries.

Kitchenware and Tools

Our kitchen may be our favourite spot in our house, aside from the living area. It is where we get the supply of food and water, and our dining and kitchen area is where we also spend family time. But there are also plenty of dangerous tools found in our kitchen, so keep tools on higher cabinets and far from children’s reach. Kids should only be allowed in the kitchen under adult supervision.

Kids are natural tinkers, and every little material thing could be considered as hazardous. Always keep your child supervised at all times. For home electrical repairs contact Chris Elec now.

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