Electrical Project Fails DIYers Do

24 hour electrician

What are some of electrical DIY project fails that 24 hour electrician faces?

Sometimes, DIY projects can go wrong, especially when it comes to dealing with electrical-related tasks. Unknowing, to some, it may cause fire to their homes and even endanger their own lives. So before you start your DIY wiring project, make sure you are considering safety measures or just seek aid from professionals.

Hiring a certified 24 hour electrician should not be a shock to you whenever you have wiring faults that need repairs. They are trained to deal with such job without being electrocuted and as much as possible keep the premise free from fire hazard. So you think you can deal with wirings on your own? Think twice, for here are some of the problems DIYers encounter upon attempting to do the jobs of electricians.

Electrical tape

It’s a misconception that electrical tape is said to be a safe solution for wirings in homes. In some DIYers, they use it where it shouldn’t be. Just like in twisting wires together, using rolls of tape to hold them is not always right for it often results to bad connections which can become the cause of fire, for any type of filed or loose connection generates heat.

Crossed wires

Crossing wires, especially when wiring outlets and switches with telephone wire, is not good. With the telephone wire being too small, it may not be able to handle the standard 120 volts and that the regular current flow may overheat the wire then melt the insulation, causing fire when unattended.

Ceiling fans

When ceiling fans are not correctly installed especially the wirings, may cause inconvenience and danger. Inconvenience in a way that they may crash down on the dining table, or dangle wires from the ceiling. Plus, it will cost you more when you need to fix the wiring and fixtures.

Junction boxes

Sometimes, junction boxes are left hanging in attics which may place anyone to dangerous shock hazard. For anything that may rub on it may cause wear and spark, that’s why some homeowners cover them up.

Ground Fault Interrupter

Some put outlets outdoor forgetting about installing a GFI button which will trip the outlet once there’s water around. Lack of knowledge about this may cause homes to burn down.

It all comes down to lack of supporting understanding about how electricity works, how to properly execute electrical-related jobs and the safety measures to consider. Especially in DIY projects that require electrical tasks, it would be best to leave it to a 24 hour electrician to ensure safety. Agree?

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